It was the first day in the 2 1/2-month trial that any members of Stayner's immediate family have shown up. Being a mother, we assume Kay continues to miss her sons, but likes to keep it private, as made clear on her Facebook account. Lenna said Cary Stayner always carried a backpack. By 19, he . And then, stunningly, years later, he was back. Authorities described it as his "murder kit. A witness had also identified Cary Stayner's vehicle as being on the road where Armstrong lived around the time of the murder, so authorities went searching for him. graphic photo of the body of 15-year-old Juli Sund, one of three. They were at the Merced River, she said, when he started removing all of his clothes. Stayner saved White from his captor after he was kidnapped. Captive Audience delves into the circumstances surrounding Steven being taken and how he finally escaped, saving a 5-year-old in the process. Lenna was just 10 or 11 years old when her mother began a relationship with Cary Stayner, a maintenance worker at the Cedar Lodge right outside of Yosemite National Park. Jody Edmondson And Steven Stayner Family Now-What Happened? "I could not believe what Id just heard," the FBI's Rinek said. The Stayner family likewise comprised of a brother, Cary Stayner, known as an abhorrent executioner, and three sisters Cindy, Jody, and Cory. Did you know: Jodys brother-in-law, Cary Stayner confessed to the four brutal murders in nearby Yosemite. A child abductee's journey back. Since his brother, Steven Stayner, was abducted and had disappeared for seven years, Stayner's case was given special attention. What we can say is that the Stayner family is having a decent existence as of now, with Jody, Ashley, and Steven Jr. being involved in their very own life. Jody Edmondson and Stayner married in June 1985, after dating for a year. But when authorities went to Cedar Lodge to conduct interviews and spoke to handyman Cary Stayner, they were unaware he was the killer. What did Disney actually lose from its Florida battle with DeSantis? But seven years later, he returned home to his family. He brought the girls illustrations he'd drawn himself and bought them a new Beanie Baby, a popular toy in the '90s, each time he'd see them, she said. Her date of birth is incorrect. But it wasnt what has been tagged the Missouri Miracle. It was 1980. AP/Fresno Bee Stayner, 41, right, is escorted to a transport van in this Jan. 23, 2002 file photo. In 2022, Jodys step-son Michael Gumm was happily married with 2 kids. Jody Edmondson was born in October 1958. He married his wife Jody Edmondson in 1985. Sadly, the love of her life Matthew passed away in Oct 2014. She previously attended a military university and served in the U.S. Air Force from 2007 to 2011. Also, Jody was often spotted spending time with her grandchildren. . He got on with his life, his sister, Cory Stayner, of Merced, Calif., said in an interview with the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. It also features his wife, Jody, who talks about her life with him. ", 24/7 coverage of breaking news and live events. In February 1999, Carole Sund; her 16-year-old daughter, Juli Sund; and friend Silvina Pelossa, an exchange student from Argentina, were staying at the lodge. But the children in the family kept their feelings to themselves and didnt discuss their emotions. But he always seemed to get through it no matter what. "It's hard for me to think about him being behind bars, and I wonder what it's like for him being there, because he loved to be outside," Lenna said. Jody Edmondson is most popular as the bereaved spouse of Steven Stayner, the casualty of snatching. We were kind of on our own, Sartell said. Lenna said he was like a "big teddy bear" toward her and her sister. This rage is starting to bubble up. Jody Edmondson was born in October 1958. He is married with children, and both Steven Jr. and his wife have served in the US Army, according to our information. By Megh Thapaliya | On April 20, 2022 09:20 PM. And even if the two cases are similar, its impossible to make clear comparisons, given the differences in circumstances. Also, Craigs previous wife passed away in 2020. Another step-son, Kyle Gumm lived in Salem, Oregon. and has remarried after decades of Steven's passing. When they got married, Steven Stayner was 30 years old and Jody Edmondson was also 17 years old. Jody currently resides in Sheridan, Oregon, and has remarried after decades of Steven's passing. "Cary Stayner left behind a boatload of evidence, and he knew it. So, if youre curious about where she might be today, heres what we know. Jody Edmondson and her family have stood ready following the arrival of new docuseries that is spilling on Hulu Thursday, April 21st about Steven Stayner. Lenna said her family had learned from the FBI that Cary Stayner had tried to kill her family on three separate occasions. Their Children Steven Stayner is made due by his better half Jody Edmondson, and two kids Ashley and Steven George Stayner Jr. Is Steven Stayner alive? Nephews Chandler Campos (a Go Ducks graduate who went on to work at Deschutes Brewery), Jace Campos (a Hoover Treated Wood Products employee, married to Marisa Campos), and Jason Campos. Powered by VIP. Hulus Captive Audience delves into the circumstances surrounding Steven being taken and how he finally escaped, saving a 5-year-old in the process. Who Is Steven Stayner Wife Jody Edmondson? So, dating for a year, the two then went on to get married on June 13, 1985, at Atwater, California. And everybody needs to hear that.. He was right under everyone's nose. He fell in love. But, at the age of 24, Steven Stayner, by then a husband and father of two, was killed in a motorcycle crash. They had very few memories of their father and learned about his life the way most people did: through the media. During this time, Parnell kidnapped a 5-year-old child in Ukiah, California and held him captive for two weeks before Steven Stayner escaped and took the child to the police. He used his fan base on tiktok to fix a business. Steven Gregory Stayner (April 18, 1965 - September 16, 1989) was an American kidnapping victim. The two were holding down three low-wage jobs and the relationship wasn't perfect, but overall, it seemed to work. of Revenue. Lenna was just 10 or 11 when she met Cary Stayner, who was dating her mother. But adding children to the equation seemed to only make their relationship worse. Watch: The Truth Behind Our Obsession With True Crime Stories. Instead, Cary Stayner returned to the Cedar Lodge and eventually turned his attention to the lodge's 500 building where the Sunds and Pelosso were staying. Delbert Foy Stayner 79, born in Farmington, NM on May 14, 1933 to Jesse J. and Luella C. Stayner and passed away at his home in Winton, CA on April 9, 2013. Steven began dating Jody Edmondson in 1984 and the couple married in 1985. We understand the opportunity to grow engagement with new audiences of all ages and through new partnerships with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok and Snapchat, along with our podcasts and on-demand SVOD services, we ensure our programming and unique stories reach audiences across the full demographic spectrum. He's also the brother of a serial killer. Jody Stayner, who now lives in Montana, said she doesnt like talking about the past either, but said its important that lessons are learned from the case. His novel, From Victim to Hero -- The Untold Story of Steven Stayner, is the true story of a kidnapped 7-year old boy that was held captive for seven years before escaping and rescuing another abducted child. It also features his wife, Jody, who talks about her life with him. He was a survivor.. He was also told he had been adopted and that his name was now Dennis Parnell. His wife, Jody Edmondson, lashed out at Antonio for leaving the scene. At the time they married, Jody was 17 while Steven Stayner was 20-years of age. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Jody Edmondson Stayner, Steve's wife now lives in Montana, she single-handedly took care of the two kids she had with steve. However, her son and daughter did share their presence in the documentary. It was my do-or-die chance and I also would be coming home for doing something positive.. He worked with groups that searched for missing children, talked to kids about stranger danger and helped with a 1989 TV movie based on his kidnapping, I Know My First Name is Steven. And he never said no to reporters. Adjusting to post-abduction life was no easy task for Steven. They dated for a year and got married in June 1985. Cary Stayner~"I didn't feel good about it. According to Facebook, Steven Stayner Jr. worked in Merced, California. 1985-1989 Steven Stayner/Wife. But at the same time, they dealt with a lot of disagreements. Our people are our strength, and our differences are celebrated. He was shuttled from place to place and enrolled in various schools as Dennis Parnell. We anticipate change, identify future opportunities and are excited by the potential that tomorrow brings. Cary Stayner worked at Cedar Lodge for two years before he killed guests Carole and Juli Sund and Silvina Pelosso. (Years later, in 2004, while in his 70s, Parnell was sentenced to 25 years to life for attempting to buy a 4-year-old boy for $500. Jody Edmondson Stayner has all the earmarks of being remarried and carrying on with an ecstatic existence with her ongoing spouse Craig Gumm today. The driver, Antonio Loera, drove off, leaving Stayner helpless on the rain-soaked highway. Another step-son, Kyle Gumm lived in Salem, Oregon. They had two children together. With our diverse line-up of original, high-quality programming, our distribution partners across EMEA recognise the benefits of offering A+E Networks EMEA's distinctive, high quality brands on their platforms and services. Nonetheless, the family has been able to forgo the past and lead a happy and cheerful despite the harsh circumstances. On December 4, 1972, Stayner, age 7, was abducted in Merced, California by child molester Kenneth Parnell. Jurors in August found him guilty of the murders. We tried to keep quiet and not upset our parents.. As he was driving, he said, she fell through the window of the vehicle and started running. Steven Stayner is survived by his wife Jody Edmondson, and two children Ashley and Steven George Stayner Jr. Cary Anthony Stayner (born August 13, 1961) is an American serial killer and the older brother of kidnapping victim Steven Stayner.He was convicted of the murders of four women between February and July 1999: Carole Sund, her teenage daughter Juli Sund and their teenage traveling companion Silvina Pelosso, and Yosemite Institute naturalist Joie Ruth Armstrong. While her step-daughter, Kaylia Gumm worked at. The pair had two children; Ashley Stayner and Steven Stayner Jr. Their marriage came to an end when Steven died in a . And though the three-part documentary features Stevens family, it doesnt shed much light on his wife Jody Edmondson. All Rights Reserved. She said he taught her and her sister how to dive, brought them illustrations and bought them toys. Just like that, he was gone, leaving his parents with little else to do than post photos of their boy, follow dead-end leads and desperately hope. So, if youre curious about where she might be today, heres what we know. Brian Tisha Schroeder, Kelsie Campos (restaurant Server at, who shares a kid with Jeremy Burge), RickandKim Soltes (a. employee, married to Marisa Campos), and Jason Campos. It was very, very close.". Parnell served five years of an eight-year sentence. But instead, he was raising hell at school and causing trouble with the law. This website is using a security service to protect itself from online attacks. "I was just over there throwing rocks in the creek and just happened to notice her walk out again and again. However, as we all know, that turned when pedophile Kenneth Parnell abducted Steven in . And its with just as much passion that we strive to gain new audiences with our creativity and by using innovative technology, by partnering with leading and emerging local platforms. Copyright 2023 Distractify. Unfortunately, however Steven Stayner figured out how to return securely from the seizing, Stayner couldnt liberate himself from approaching passing as he died in a cruiser mishap in 1989, accordingly abandoning his better half and kids. Here Is What We Know . He was beaten and given drugs and liquor. Sometimes I blame myself. Steven Stayners life ended not long after it seemed it was finally coming together. Regardless, he went on to start a family, and while he probably wanted nothing more than to live a quiet life with his kids outside the spotlight, the Stayner family story was far from over. Well do everything we can to see you thrive and grow. I couldnt see Timmy suffer, Stayner said. Of course Cynthia Sartell knew him; he was her older sibling. ", Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information. "The FBI went in and spoke with my mom privately to let her know that Cary Stayner had confessed to initially wanting to kill my mom, and rape and kill my sister and I," Lenna said. He now spends much of his time with his loved ones and is passionate about motorcycles. Where Could Jody Edmondson Stayner Today be? "It's very disturbing. Steven Stayner became a household name in 1980 when he returned home after being kidnapped about seven years earlier. Ashley Stayner Biography and Wiki. Our culture embraces individuals, in all their daring, passionate, ambitious glory. Although an almost four-year age gap separated the two brothers, with Cary being the eldest of all five siblings, they seemed incredibly close. "He just didn't set off any alarm bells," said former reporter Christine Hanley. Click to reveal Steven knew what would happen to Timmy if he didnt act. The sudden death of Steven meant Jody was widowed at 20 years old and had to take care of Ashley and Steven Jr. In December 1990, Jesse "Jerry" Stayner, 42, Cary and Steven's uncle, was shot to death in his Merced home. Age, Today, Husband. Naturally, the media began analyzing the connection between abducted child Steven Stayner and his serial killer brother, Cary Stayner. Over the next few years, he had some trouble adjustingto living with his family. The window was open, the curtain was open, and I can see inside that there was two young women and the mother and no man," Cary Stayner said in his 1999 taped confession, obtained by ABC News. Steven, teased by other kids for having been molested, eventually dropped out of school. Lenna said police told her family Cary Stayner tried three times to kill them. At the time they married, Jody was 17 while Steven Stayner was 20 years of age. When 14-year-old Steven Stayner turned up at a police station, more than seven years after he was kidnapped while walking home from . At the time, Jody was 17, while Steven was 20 years old. So, for those of you interested, here we are with Jody Edmondson Bio easing queries about Stevens wife. On the 4th of December 1972. Is She Alive Today. Steven, 7, got in the car, where another man waited. At the time, Steven was 20 years old, and Jody was 17. Stayner went on to marry his wife, Jodi Stayner, and have two children. Stayners girl Ashley studied at American Military University Online and began her new Position at U.S. Aviation based armed forces in October 2007. Steven Stayner was eventually reunited with his family and hailed as a hero. The issue of psychological control versus the opportunity to flee will be a controversial aspect of the Missouri case, she predicted. ABCs 20/20: Yosemite Serial Killer, as the title suggests, profiles the tale of the male who carried out four murders in six months near the Yosemite National Park in 1999. Steven Stayner with wife, Jody, and kids, Ashley and Steven Jr. John Storey/Getty Steven's Final Years . She appears content to be beside her family and friends. Whether our stories challenge and inspire intellectually or simply entertain, we know that we are making a positive contribution to our audiences across the many diverse regions and countries in the UK, Europe, The Middle East and Africa. Jody Edmondson is better known as the wife of an American kidnapping victim, Steven Stayner. I want to speak out for other people who are surviving victims. Before he'd driven to the nudist colony, Lenna said, Cary Stayner had gone looking for them but Lenna and her sister were at their grandmother's house. Facebook gives people the power. Your IP: Delbert even referred to Steven as his real son and pushed the other away. They had very few memories of their father and learned about his life the way most people did: through the media. That made her 63 years of age when Captive Audience premiered in 2022. Deceased (1965-1989) Steven Stayner/Living or Deceased. Sadly, she lost her father in 1988 when she was just 3 years old and therefore, had to spend the bulk of her childhood with her mother Jody, and her brother Steven Stayner Jr. My mom went off the deep end, and um, harbors a lot of guilt. Carole Sund, her daughter Juli Sund and friend Silvina Pelosso were missing for a month before their bodies were found. Jody Edmondson is the wife of Steven Stayner. "I remember being very uncomfortable by it, but I turned around and went up the river and did not try to pay any attention to it at all," she said. Cary Stayner also wore a hat because he compulsively pulled his hair out. Both Kay and her husband confessed that they were not the best parents even when Steven returned feelings were still never discussed. Everything has changed. document.write(new Date().getFullYear()) However, they ran out of time. For the wedding, Jody was dressed in a white gown as Steven owned that suit and a bowtie. This amazing statue dedicated to the life & unfortunate passing of #StevenStayner whom I had the great privilege . While driving home from his job at a Pizza Hut on Sept. 16, 1989, his motorcycle collided with a car that pulled in front of him. My son is very sick right now, the familys patriarch said while sobbing. Jodys brother-in-law, Cary Stayner confessed to the four brutal murders in nearby Yosemite. She said meeting with Rinek, the former FBI agent and author, had helped her discuss her feelings of survivor's guilt. Los Angeles, A $150,000 executive protection dog? Juli's father, Jens Sund, quietly left the courtroom moments before. His death dealt another blow to the family - but not its last. This is harmful behavior and does not need to be promoted. Rich L.A. homeowners are snapping them up, Elliott: Kings use their heads over hearts in trading Jonathan Quick, Column: Supreme Court conservatives may want to block student loan forgiveness. "He couldn't wait to tell people about his personal experience driving through an area known as Foresta and Bigfoot leaping out of the woods in the dark of night and then scurrying back in, never to be seen again," crime journalist Pat Lalama said. Jody Edmondson Age. When Steven passed away, Ashley was 3 years old and Steven Jr. was 2 years old. Delbert Foy Stayner, 79, born in Farmington, New Mexico on May 14, 1933 to Jesse J. and Luella C. Stayner and passed away at his home in Winton, California on April 9, 2013. With offices in London, Rome, Madrid, Warsaw, Munich and Johannesburg, we are a truly international company that celebrates difference and diversity. The couple had two children in the following years: Ashley and Steven Jr, born a year apart. The compelling story of the Stayner brothers is at the center of ABC 20/20 's upcoming episode "Evil in Eden," airing Friday, January 25. Her mother was a waitress at the California lodge in 1998 and Stayner lived in an apartment above the restaurant. As for where Delbert and Kay Stayner are now, the pair had made it evident that they wanted to lead quiet lives after the events of the early 2000s. "He was just our friend. Stayner was a sane sadistic killer, showing jurors Wednesday the first. Convicted child molester Kenneth Parnell, who at the time worked at a . He was held captive and sexually abused for seven years. A sucker for a good romance, Kenneth Rodgers specializes in searching high and low for any gossips next door. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Gossip Next Door is a hub for trending news, stories related to entertainment, and everything show biz. "He was right under everyone's nose. Craig Gumm turned 57 in May 2021. I dont know sometimes if I should have come home. But at the same time, they dealt with a lot of disagreements. Unlike the first three murders, where he left virtually no evidence, he knew that he had left a very easy trail for investigators," Rowlands said. He said, They dont go out unless I go with them or theres someone outside watching. Captive Audience: With Todd Eric Andrews, Kay Stayner, Ashley Stayner, Corin Nemec. In the shadow of the Yosemite National Park in California, in the secluded farming town of Merced, the Stayner family resided in a lower-middle-class area classified as Betty Street. the image of a nude, badly decomposed body flashed on an overhead. //-->